Coaching for Sexual Addiction

Coaching for Sexual Addiction Recovery:

Are you struggling with pornography in your life and you can't seem to stop on your own?

Is your or marriage damaged because of compulsive sexuality?

You might consider Recovery Coaching.  Counseling focuses on healing from the past.  Coaching helps you move towards a goal:  freedom from sex addiction.

Just as a coach in sports is going to give you direction, you will receive direction on what to do get get porn and masturbation out of your life. You will learn what to do and what not to do.  Trying harder in any addiction doesn't work.  For sex addiction, will-power is like gasoline to the fire of lust.  It increases the desire and grows the obsession.  In coaching you will learn other ways to deal with life besides acting out sexually.  You will visit the past only in as much as it helps you get to the future you want.  Coaching can possibly save your relationship if the addiction has grown to destroying your marriage. 

Erik Bohlin, M.A has worked with hundreds of addicts who have learned the specifics of how to recover.  While Erik practices as a professional counselor, he is acting as a coach when working with people over the phone or with Skype.  Counseling involves healing the past and is better done in person, face to face.  Coaching save travel time, is private, confidential and is focused on giving your the tools.  Not all situations allow for coaching.  When there is depression, severe anxiety, feelings of suicide Erik might suggest counseling or work together with a client's counselor.

Erik Bohlin Recovery Coach for Sexual Addiction

Erik Bohlin's Education and Training

Erik has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical and Community Psychology from Chapman University, Orange, CA graduating with a 4.0 GPA.  His undergraduate degree is from Northwest University, Kirkland, WA.  He graduated the top of his class in Behavioral Science.  He has 25 years of experience working with anxiety, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, problem gambling and eating disorders.  Most importantly you will find him to be compassionate and understanding.  Erik continues to educate himself in areas of addiction taking classes from Patrick Carne's who is a pioneer in the sexual addiction as well as other coursework in addiction recovery.

Erik Bohlin uses Neurofeedback, biofeedback for the brain in his clinical practice, where research studies have shown its effectiveness with addiction recovery and anxiety.  He has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has successfully taught and certified others in his 7 month training, Patterns of Excellence.  NLP is really useful in dealing with addiction recovery as it looks at "stuck states" that the addict faces and helps a client negotiate the parts of the "addict" and the "non-addict." 

Erik uses a well-rounded approach in dealing with addiction - physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually.  Each part needs to be addressed to ensure freedom from sexual addiction.  Leave one of these out, the recovery is lopsided and relapse can occur.

Session Notes
Erik will give you the information presented in the coaching session through email or postal mail so you can review what you have learned.  The notes help with the "to do" items that help you keep focused on your goal - freedom from pornography and a life you can be proud of.

Get Started Today

  • Contact Erik Bohlin, M.A. at 425-334-8916 or by email to discuss how it works.  You will get an hour session, while Erik types up notes of the session and send them to you through the mail or email.  You are also welcome to not receive notes if you prefer.    Click here for a Coaching Form

Coaching vs. Counseling
Counseling (in person) Coaching (over the phone)
  • Past oriented

  • Future oriented

  • Involves diagnosis

  • Involves goal

  • Healing from a disease

  • Moving towards wellness

  • Confidential

  • Confidential

  • Partnership between client and therapist

  • Partnership between client and coach

  • Tools and information

Goals of Coaching for Sexual Addiction Recovery
  • Skills to help acquire sobriety
    How does one get sober?  What are the steps involved and the pitfalls to avoid?  What are the adjustments emotionally, physically and relationally that occur?  What to do with resentment, fear and shame?
  • Skills to help heal relationship
    What do you tell your spouse?  Do you tell them everything?  What do they need to know to heal the relationship?  Learn how to recover and help make amends to the loved ones around you.
  • Relapse Prevention
    It is one thing to get sober.  It is another to stay sober.   What are the warning signs to relapse that the addict isn't aware of?  What are the different levels of sobriety and the stuff that comes up in each?
  • Dealing with other issues
    It is one thing to get sober.  It is another to stay sober.   What are the warning signs to relapse that the addict isn't aware of?  What are the different levels of sobriety and the stuff that comes up in each?

Goals of Coaching for Codependency Recovery

  • Skills to help understand the addict and addiction in general
    How did this happen and how can you get better from all this?   How do I help the sex addict get better?  Can I help him? 

  • Skills to learn how get free from the obsession of the addicts life
    Learn how to recover from the trauma of living with an addict and possibly not knowing it.  Apply the skills of good recovery from Codependency that will help the addict have the best possible chance of recovery. 

Get Started Today

Contact Erik Bohlin, M.A. at 425-334-8916 or by email to discuss how it works.  

1.  Set up Appointment

2.  Fill out a Coaching Agreement in PDF format.   Please mail or fax to me. Fax number is on the bottom of the form. 

3.  Payment:  You can pay either with a credit card through the phone or through PayPal.

To use Paypal,  click on the button below.  The cost is $150 for a one hour session.